Waiting Lists

Erie Metropolitan Housing Authority maintains applicant waiting lists for its programs. Depending on the number of applicants on a waiting list, the lists are determined to be open or closed to accepting additional applications. Applications on some waiting lists are sorted by applicable preferences and time of application. Preferences may include: veteran, displaced by government action, working/disabled, and victim of domestic violence.

The current status of the waiting lists follows:

Housing Choice Voucher Program – CLOSED

Mainstream Voucher - CLOSED

Public Housing
  • Efficiency/1-Bedroom (Bayshore Tower) – CLOSED
  • 2-Bedroom – CLOSED
  • 3-Bedroom – CLOSED
  • 4-Bedroom – CLOSED
Community Plaza – CLOSED

Click the link below to apply to OPEN waiting lists:

Applications to OPEN waiting lists can be accepted at the Erie Metropolitan Housing Authority office located at 322 Warren Street; Sandusky , Ohio 44870. The office hours of public operation are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Hard copy applications/pre-applications may be picked up at the main office of Erie MHA at 322 Warren Street when a waiting list is open, but online application is encouraged.

Bedroom Size - The following general guidelines can be used in determining the appropriate bedroom size for a household, but other circumstances may also apply:

Number of Bedrooms Number of Persons
Minimum Maximum
0 1 1
1 1 2
2 2 4
3 3 6
4 4 8
  1. Children of the same sex will share a bedroom, unless their age difference is over 7 years.
  2. Very young children (varies under age 3 or 5) of the opposite sex, will share a bedroom.
  3. Adults and children will not be required to share a bedroom.
  4. Foster adults and children will not be required to share a bedroom with family members.
  5. Live-in aides will have a separate bedroom.